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#MSL Curiosity sol 50 Mastcam view

Got my iPhone 5 ordered, and finishing work on updates. The extra screen space seems like it will be nice.

Last one, then back to work:

Victory! Robots rule! #MSL


Ah, there we go. #MSL arm deployment, full resolution version

Possibly more accurate rendition of the view of MSL’s arm movement (*you* try working with the thumbnails, lol)

#MSL sol 30, arm work begins

Tracks on #MSL Curiosity sol 29

Curiosity sol 26

Looks like a turn and perhaps a drive on #MSL sol 22 (correction)

Looks like a turn and perhaps a drive on #MSL sol 21

‘Round about.

. Ow, that’s gotta sting.

New #MERB Opportunity Navcam mosaic on sol 3036. We haven’t forgotten you, Oppy!

#MERB Opportunity sol 3024, looking down “Whim Creek”

#MERB Opportunity on the other side of "Whim Creek" on sol 3021

#MERB Opportunity arrival at "Whim Creek", southeast perspective view

#MERB Opportunity arrival at "Whim Creek", northeasterly perspective view

#MERB Opportunity sol 3019 Rear Hazcam anaglyph, looking toward Whim Creek.

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