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Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Conservative, Business Owner and I Vote - sometimes vote with my feet because Maryland is for fools...JEEZUS! #TGDN

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Pool and a pond, pond is good for you though #CaddyShack

If you have the chance, go see it.

Q: What's the last thing going thru this dragonfly's mind when he hits the car?

It's as bad as it looks, John Wayne TP and all...

On the road, clean car and 2995 miles to go, c u later Seattle

Mosquito got me first, but I play for keeps.

Wait, who's driving this boat?

Looking forward to at #TdF, now just have to get kis to give up my@ hincapiesports cap

Still Best. Dog. Ever.

Huge electrical fire in Redmond, WA, power out from Redmond to Everett

Stage one braces done!

How about a late inning rally ?

Hi-tech scoreboard at safeco field

Waiting for a table at Cohos, starving!

Forecasters said today was to be cloudy with 60% shower...mail-order meteorology

The good news is the heat is on in the pool, the bad news is the heat is on in the pool #swimming

Masters men, 40+ with 2 to go on prime... #moesr

Pain at the pump~ $4.10/gal here in Redmond, WA

Happy Mother's Day (early)

Someone doesn't want a shot. We haven't even seen the Dr yet!