Gaston Squall


Level 21 creepy bastard. I tweet about dumb things. Huge @ocremix fanboy. I'll always be there, in the corner of this tiny little bar. CRANES

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Totally worth revisiting: 's Palutena sketch, which is probably the cause for my sudden nose bleed. <3 <3

buy me this

It's too late, I already got you one.

I've switched between 3 different Lana drawings. xD this was my last.

My very first icon. I'll show you 's finished update tomorrow. :3

The DM conversations my sister and I have.


hmmm... I'm beginning to think that two of the these guys might be the same person.

And this is the guy I was expected to beat expert mode with?

You two could do this cosplay. Just saying.

This is a real thing.

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