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Can I just say that this made me totally geek out? xD

  • 392 days ago via site
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Although a little tricky to get used to (speed effects especially) #b3d's VSE is working brilliantly! #Minecraft

  • 413 days ago via site
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My jaw actually dropped when I saw this GIF. Underground, automatic bicycle storage in Japan. SO FREAKING AWESOME!

  • 426 days ago via site
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Still working on the base sketch for #Miku 2.0, so in the mean time here's a pixelly close-up of her face

  • 436 days ago via site
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Quick test render. Brand new car-paint shader! & silver on a car = classy epicness.
#b3d #Cycles

  • 437 days ago via site
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So far this car has no gear-knob and no pedals. It won't get very far, will it? #b3d

  • 437 days ago via site
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Work in progress water material in #b3d #Cycles. Still needs quite a bit of work, but not too shabby so far.

  • 460 days ago via site
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Me when trying to figure out a #Cycles node XD #b3d

  • 460 days ago via site
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I've somehow managed to create liquid rainbow extract. Maybe it should be used as a new food colouring? #b3d

  • 460 days ago via site
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I, um...I think I *might* have gone a bit overboard on the whole "comment your code" thing. #Linux

  • 460 days ago via site
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Lots and lots of polygons. Feels good to be working on this again :) #b3d

  • 480 days ago via site
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Just finished editing the timelapse 4 my #Miku fanart! The vids themselves should b rendered by tomorrow :) #Linux

  • 485 days ago via site
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My first-ever #b3d sculpt using my Wacom tablet and Dynamic Topology, & I have no idea what it is. Just doodling.

  • 490 days ago via site
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My fantasy axe model is starting to creep me out: this part looks a lot like a Reaper from . #b3d

  • 498 days ago via site
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Any guesses as to what this is or what/who it's part of?

  • 500 days ago via site
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Trying to draw #Miku's face, have some references handy. Cool thing about fan-art, it comes in so many styles!

  • 505 days ago via site
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Got myself the March issue of magazine in a UK-goods shop(pe) near here - let the epicness begin! :D

  • 506 days ago via site
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This is just one of the many reasons why I love modelling - carved a curve into a cylinder, & it's all quads! #b3d

  • 525 days ago via site
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An example of how ngons are being super-useful - being able 2 "sketch" out needed topology without messy tris #b3d

  • 525 days ago via site
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Seriously, how awesome does this feat of mesh-weaving look? And the vertices are all hand-placed! XD ;) #b3d

  • 531 days ago via site
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