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:) purple

Tommy is a gaylord

In other news, I just had one of these, which tasted as good as it looks!

How dare I think that the iPhone case I buy on eBay might actually be the iPhone case that I receive!

I found your name written on a wall!

First & last time I purchase anything from Exhibit. Heres the difference in the sleeves.

Strawberry & lime pancakes :)

these are my purple DMs!

Just ate a jar of baby banana custard for a fiver.

Newest Instagram follower...

Goodbye green hair. You will always be in my heart. I'm sure I'll see you again once I'm bored of purple hair.

Seems legit

Found a picture of a leg belonging to in a pile of old artwork.

Any ideas for a name for my new spider friend? I was thinking something like Gigantimungous or something.

What age was I in 2002? Either way these are shit.

My awesome mum made me a new scarf/cowl :)