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I'm so pumped I finally found this water at wegmans

Taking selfies w/ my cat

I called a hipster through valentine today

We have a poster outside carnegie

lookin like a crack whore after walking back from Newsies

Lookin like a crack whore after walking 12 blocks for Newsies


is it june yet i am so done with homework ugh

Sweet-Pea's drooling omfg it's just hANGING THERE

Giving myself a pep talk in the practice room

my cat is so adorable jesus

Embracing the "little old italian grandma" look bc it is cold af out

What I did this afternoon instead of my paper. Inspired by Kim Gordon's shirt in that one photo

Sweet-Pea is the cutest lil motherfucker around I s2g


Remember when me and were in a town that consisted only of hipsters and we saw this

The higher the hair the closer 2 god

so I went to the eye doctor today and now I look possessed

wow so hipindiesoftgrung3

Cryin bc all I wanted was a water bottle for my lesson but it was in my car so it's ice