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Tough on bad books, tough on causes of bad books. Co-host of @DTRHRadio and @Waterstones Children's Buyer.

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I love to read so much it's a bit crazy. I just want more stories, more information, more insight, more more more!

Very into my new shoes and the newish Bombay Bicycle Club record on this Monday morning.

Currently reading a Finnish novel (in translation obvs) and really enjoying it. Think many of you would like too.

I am inside my new flat. First thing I see? An apple tree! *prances about like a blue ribbon dressage pony*

Guys! Did you know you can use the other side of a hammer to pull nails out of stuff?! My mind is blown.

*2001: A Space Odyssey theme plays*

The kettle....

...has returned!

DUM DUM DUM DUM! *drums* #kettlegate

You don't find this shit in a Kindle let me tell you. (I have a kindle)

Happy Dahl Day everyone! This bit from Matilda is basically my reverse life philosophy. #dahlday #booksoverlooks

Every time I see this crane out of the corner of my eye I think "SHIT! A DRAGON!" Every. Single. Time.



Packing makes you think about your most treasured possessions. Mine are my first edition Virginia Woolf and this:

Um. How do I quit out of it? Cause I mean...

Eeeeeeee! Holiday reading is sorted! *skips about on the spot*

I love my new hair. When it needs a wash I look like Wurzel Gummidge.

We are moving in two weeks! The cat has helpfully packed himself.

A new Faber Classics edition of The Children of Green Knowe has landed on my desk and it looks glorious:

Offered without comment. *slyly looks to camera*

FYI - this is the best Paddington book ever. My mother reading it to me is a most treasured memory.

Second hand bookshop haul. Completely chuffed with my 1965 Jonathan Cape Ransome. #womanoffewinterests