Fashion Merchandiser at FSC. I have fun. You can join or judge, either way I don't care anymore.

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thanks love. PS I got this for you for your birthday. It's fiesty and cute, just like you. No return policy is in effect

If my hair did this every day I'd be ecstatic MIRRORSHOTLOLZ

My entire weekend will be about fabric swatches. How fun -.-

I found your picture in my wallet. You're added to my wall of awesomeness ;-)

Dickman securing the perimeter. I love college. Ahahaha

Rachel me and rob. We are loosahhhs!

My favorite thing in my room. PS people from FSC - where's the soccer house?

An entire drawer dedicated to our food. We are amazing :)

All moved in!! Trying to find the cookout with steph then meeting up with Michelle.

The entire Kennedy family is waving to everyone on the highway. Ppl parked on the side of the road. This is nuts

I feel like I'm packing for a super intense vacation.

My manager made me a care package for school. Stopandshop loves me

This was once a functioning shower. Then Dj wanted to play hockey? Or something like that

Move in day is going to be SUCH a pain.

Leaving NH. Off to work :-/

Litteraly one of the best tasting things out there

Kel and banana cream cheesecake

Boys are so weird.

This should be an interesting class

I want one of these monkeys