Fashion Merchandiser at FSC. I have fun. You can join or judge, either way I don't care anymore.

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Walking down the hall trying to find a launge to watch a movie and EC is just hangin out in larned I guess.

Dale decorated his room. He's my favorite

Michael brought his fancy keyboard and wrote me a song :)

Betsey Johnson fashion show in Boston. W0rK tHaT rUnWaY

I dig the new paramore CD. I also dig dresses with pockets. And coffee

Today in class we did arts and crafts to understand weaves :)

My roommate brought me canadian cookies from her homeland :)

Dig jack's mannequin? Get into it

Edith dressed as a Mexican today.

Mariachi band in the cafe during dining hours. I love my school

Dales room is off the chaaaain with pumpkins

remember when we had section one tickets for blink182? That was an amazing night

Attempting laudry with steph

We also burn things

All we do in this class is touch things :)

Back at FSC. Grabbing lunch with Alexis/rob then class then celebrating idalina's birthday

Consumer textiles

Gym with Idalina Sarah and emily

I always come back to the room when my roommate sleeping. I try to be real quiet and end up throwing everything on my desk?