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*insert intelligent, witty phrase* so... do you like cheese?

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No funnier text to wake up to :L

Switching my alarm clock off

you jelly?!


Cheer leading had better be worth it tomorrow... #gonnalookasroughasabadger

This packet was full 90 minutes ago... #courseworkmunchies

this neat record player I found in my granny's garage!

Maybe the world will end in 2012. The sky's red!!! D:

This is... the outfit I wore put tonight! I looked like a whale. #throwmebackinthesea

ASDA's supposedly "smooth" orange juice. There's enough pulp in it to choke a man!

I love the craic leds! #sexyteapot

A surfboard on top of a car? I thought people only did in movies or bad sit-coms! #isthisreallife ?

Excellent ! Now I know what I'm getting for my bday :D

Bought a new top today.. Tried it on there now & there's a big dirty rip in it !! :'(

Walking down this lane with no one but my dog for company seemed smarter 30 mins ago...

My ankles aren't actually that fat, but you get what I'm trying to show you.. All in a days work !!

Chocolate brownies before:

Is it just me, or does it look like this strawberry has a hairy butt ? :o

You like ? :) #workingwoman

Such an amazing book. Could be an epic movie !

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