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•Guess when I bought a car.
•Guess when I realized I got fat because of the car.
•Guess what July will look like.

Final ride totals: 277.0 miles, 17 hrs, 49 mins (Jun).

1160.6 miles, 72 hrs, 6 mins (2013 so far)


242. We should’ve bought better tix




Hey #SFGiants fans, winning the World Series last year, doesn’t mean the #Giants are better than the #Athletics. #MLB

Lots of people tonight.


Dno has the 5th best catcher’s ERA. Jaso isn’t even in the top 20

it’s the closest to a cross I could find

with #lolz

An Angel Hernandez strike. #Athletics #FireAngelHernandez


I have the same pride when I catch him doing something like that.

I think it is a standard, but not the common "mini" USB.

Where are the #bikes on this beautiful day? (Mine stays locked inside)

The Russian grocer really needs to find a better word for "sugar-free."

That's an 11-pitch BB. #Athletics #Yankees