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Former child mobster, current master of karate and friendship

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Hey , I'm trying to feed my kid little cheese puffs, not little cheese dicks. Thanks

This is what I was tryin to tweet last night but now its not funny

Every weekend I strive to grow something as creepy as twitter avatar #ThatsEnoughPerryUrScaringTheChildren

Forget Steve Irwin, wrestling crocodiles is for pussies. Try wrangling a diaper snake

this is how you rock a red nautica sweater and khaki pants darrell, take notice

Scaring the old people at work who think I just murdered somebody

spent 3 hours making this last night so u guys kinda owe me a win today. Go get em boys!!

Fried Mac n Cheese #Bomb

my son says "Come-on you greedy millionaires, figure this stuff out so we can play!!"

If just followed the dungeon rules he wouldn't have got written on

And I thought this #redsox game was intense for ME to watch....

Found this nice untouched 1/4 watermelon in the fridge and thought I'd just take "a bite"...yah guess not

Received this via text while at work earlier today. Kids are so tech savvy these days, takin pics while mommy sleeps

yea beautiful like this


u can come drink some beers poolside here if u can deal with these bitches floatin around

one step ahead of u

Gift all grown up, she rove cupcake wine too just rike daddle!!

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