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The ceiling in our little treehouse-within-the-restaurant. Icarus I guess?

I think your fancy animated restaurant menu might need restarting.

Yeah so I'm a nerd. But! Iron Man and War Machine!


I only just noticed one of his thighs is on backwards.

That advert for the Kennedys looks for all the world like Katie Holmes has done a big guff.

Terrifying window display in gallery nearby.


For & . My direction was "look awkward". Like they needed it.

First dance to Ghostbusters 2.

My travelcard holder. #xaviersforlife

Check me out ma, I'm on pitchfork

The clouds sorta look they were made in photoshop with the airbrush tool tonight.


Look at all this mini-beer!

Set the TV and XBox up. Testing a DVD:

Driving the bus!! Toot toot!! #isthirtyyearsold

Lunch. Oh yeah.

I am not sure this is 100% official Gorillaz stout.

My relationship to summed up in three texts.