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be like ♬♬ This is how i enter ♬♬ Rama left right and center ♬ gikuyu wa muranga... ♬♬


I feel some tweeps need lotsa these...

One single tweet, and my glorious timeline be like...



RT : Tweeps after hearing 'HAKUNA KITU MTAFANYA'

Hehehehehe hahaha i can see your champala girlfriend on that pic, hehe



RT : People who listen to Black Metal or Death Metal are not normal

Eh must have watched the good the bad and the ugly #TwendeKazi

Seems like they're running away from bandits in an old cowboy movie #TwendeKazi

God ordered his father not to wear a condom that glorious day

Ze short walk to TRM begins... Then ze goat finds out that there are no free cakes Lahaula!

RT : I have this short story i want to share with you *next 3 tweet*


Happy birthday eto'o

Eh looks like jesus haha!