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he's not "bout it"

yo face how long you think this clown can keep up his tough guy act?

pussy. Come thru so I can slap the shit out of you. Little nigga

dude is a clown

Shit like this is why I get mad. You talking about shooting ppl on twitter but someone that met you text me this


Really starting to worry about my homie , man.

joint is a classic. You're not on this level yet.

this is how. I'm sure you can find many other examples.

Y'all want to defend it and call it "fashion". Ladies need to start telling men off that dress like this

What straight man holds their phone with two hands like that? Son went all michael sam on niggas outta nowhere

These are legs


Dudes roasting michael sam for being a homosexual and hours later say this outfit looks good. #whatareyou?