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Singing, Acting, Dancing and Modeling is my Passion! =))))

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I'll be your crying shoulder! :))) I'll be the greatest fan of your life! ;)) NP!

ForverVain! Right!?

Yaaaaah! Sisstaaaah! :)))

Jgh! :) with

With my boyfriend ;)))) ohhhhh!? Inaagaw Nya ko sayooooo! ;))) Charooot! ;))))


Jgh! From Friendship's Crib ;)))) It's Nice Talking to her! ;))

Justgothome ;)

Here at mega with my sis. :)

Here at swimming pool area waiting for our prof to come. :) #nervous.

Galeet sa hotdoooog. Gutoooom :))))

Here at Ever with my friends. :)

Party party. :)

Bleeeh :p tumaas na nman grado ko ! :((

Walang magawa! Waiting for my mother's business talked! :)

Here at proline! Bumili ng ring tska ball :) magbabasketball daw sila ih. :))))

Mangoooo shake! :)

Hahaah. Ang kulet ng two brother ko! :)))

With my mother :))))

Which is better? :( with heels or without?

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