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Born without a twitter account; the doctor said I must tweet daily to live. | Designer. Favors a humorous shade of mondegreen.

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I'm feeling better about where this redesign is going, but not great.

Alright twitter, I got this legible and down to two colors/compound shapes. Tell me what needs improvement.

Alright. Done with this for now. Down to two colors + fabric. Need to sleep on it, revise, then off to the printer.

Still working out the details; stuck on color schemes. I like the top, but have some alternatives. Thoughts?

The Latern festival lost much of its majesty due to the overcast skies, but was still kinda cool. #teacupdragons

“It’s the hotdog I deserve, but not the one I need right now. So, I’ll eat it. Because I can take it.”

Also, how did this pass without review? HOW?

. found this. That means its free, right?

These ribs are just falling off the bone.

My landlords response to my requests? He tore out the cable connection to my apartment. Literally tore.

Roni’s neighbor, watering the mud.

Getting fitted for a tux. This Men's Warehouse location place has a foozeball table?

Healthy breakfast time?

Of course, ' sushi looks amazing compared to mine.

Of course, ' sushi looks amazing compared to mine.

Sushi night!