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  • 1437 days ago via site
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Man, I wish I still had a decent camera. All I've got these days is this phone. Can't really justify buying a new camera, though.

Lotsa time waiting at the airport, this morning. I always include some fuckup time in my travel schedule.

Jesus, look at this. But, shit, as long as it's not seriously cold, I guess I don't really mind.

Huh. I guess the new CVS killed the old Walgreen's.

The half-drowned city-state of Sharkago, and surrounding environs. #GammaWorld

  • 2185 days ago via site
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So these are the new animes, I guess. #welp

  • 2196 days ago via site
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AW YEAH. Lava moat in full effect.

  • 2199 days ago via site
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Ohayo, Tireksu-chan! (This one's for you, .)

  • 2199 days ago via site
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If you truly love something, you have to set it on fire. #minecraft

  • 2203 days ago via site
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Okay! The basic shape of my ziggurat is basically done! Got a lot of finishing touches to figure out, though...

  • 2205 days ago via site
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Man, I don't even know.

  • 2208 days ago via site
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Work on the Great Ziggurat continues.

  • 2214 days ago via site
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  • 2218 days ago via site
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Work on the Great Ziggurat continues, if slowly.

  • 2219 days ago via site
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Aw, hey. Japanese Minecraft fanart!

  • 2235 days ago via site
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This little dude recently appeared in the lobby of my apartment building.

Oh, fuck this.

So I forgot to take any vacation time until the end of the damn year rolled up. Now I'm gonna try and take off most of December.

  • 2278 days ago via site
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The Slipgate Project . . . is a success.

  • 2299 days ago via site
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