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did a "Freakish Cardinals Injuries" recap tonight. I guess it's cool to poach from "bloggers"?-

Someone tell Gustavo Chacin that real life is already in 3D. No need for the glasses. #stlcards-

Not sure what Astros Pitching Coach told J.A. Happ before the Pujols bomb, but I'm sure the wristwatch helped.

Pictorial breakdown of Albert Pujols ignoring Jose Oquendo at 3B. #stlcards-

Aaron Miles' pitches are coming in so slow, MLB's Pitch f/x is registering them as knuckleballs. --

Time to turn David Freese's season-ending injury into a positive-negative. Freeze pops for dinner!!!

Ted Drewes ad next to a column about David Freese? A whole new breed of interactive snappiness. -

It's tough to explain, but #stlcards fans wearing WEAVER jerseys will forever be impervious to my scrutiny. --

Mets dog!! Woof. --

Really unprofessional for Hershiser to play, "Guess what finger is up behind my glove" during a broadcast.

For 2010 tax archives: these Busch beers are a part of Episode 14 and will be expensed to . --

Superman and I at Busch Stadium. High levels of awesome in this photo, kids. --

What are the social implications when you're the friend in the group that has an obsolete jersey? --

0-0 pitching duel at Busch Stadium; fans lining up to play Silver Strike on the concourse. Best fans, baby.

They sell friggin' waffles at Busch Stadium?? Will they put nacho cheese on them? --

Yes!! Another poll with a "Don't Care" option. Proactive indifference rules!! #stlcards --

Yadi rockin' the tiger stripes in his hair? Haven't seen that since a '94 soccer game at Vianney High School. --

Wow, it's going to rain for awhile today. -

Foul ball? Another opportunity for Dave McKay to check out the #stlcards fan wearing a red bikini, of course. -