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I support this message. -- RT : That ain't me, man. It's Davis Payne.

All mascots are awful, but the Braves' ("Homer") is an absolute joke with his fake eyeblack. --

We should at least give Bob Davidson props for spotting that unruly fan. He was draped in camo. --

Cal Eldred: what a newbie. We want red skin, dammit! Not orange. Back in the tanning booth. -

You cannot stop REDDOG #69 from attending today's Cards/Reds game; you can only hope to contain him. --

Don't tell me Cardinals fans weren't jacked for this series....they're dressing like John Cougar Mellencamp. --

Trends arrive to St. Louis late, but Cardinals fans, I implore you. Say no to "Bros Icing Bros". --

Bronson Arroyo on the mound against #stlcards tonight. Our EXCLUSIVE scouting report. --

Group of Cardinals fans wearing baseball stirrups how God intended. This is a movement I support. --

Auto-tweets are AWESOME when paired with accidental headline profanity. #stlcards --

I get the whole "team solidarity" thing, but it's really creepy that Dan & Al shaved their heads too. --

We've obtained EXCLUSIVE access to a postcard sent from Colby Rasmus to Tony La Russa. --

Young Cards fan boo'ing the Nats intentionally walking Pujols; wearing a Yankees hat. Ah, kids these days. -

STLToday Kroenke headlines are drifting closer to a certain #stlcards campaign. For which Stan do we stand??

What Albert Pujols was saying to Dave McKay after Oquendo held Randy Winn at 3B last night. --