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Heavens to Betsy, tonight's debacle deserved a #MikeMadreamy. --

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2012 St. Louis Cardinals. --

Nothing tugs at the heart strings like a rotund man in a body paint t-shirt. --

Still feeling special about that "exclusive interview" with Joe Posnanski yesterday, #STL radio? --

Probably time to take this Cardinals advertisement down, no? --

Cortland Finnegan did some fake, post game rabble rousing and the woman replacement ref broke it up. Oops. --

#SpotSoftli --

Seriously, . It's either thong jock straps or no white pants. (HT: ) --

Safe to say Jeff Fisher was excited about Finnegan's pick 6? --

Sorry, kids. The battle for the most passionate #Rams tattoo stop here. --

Steve Spagnuolo's first win in #STL came at Detroit. In Week 8. He got a Gatorade bath. --

Adron Chambers just drove home Bryan Anderson. In September. This wasn't a preseason gaffe, it was a prophecy. --

Couldn't make it up to #Mizzou? That's okay; here's a peek inside everywhere. --

Frankly, you're not excited about the SEC until you invest in a vanity plate. #mizzou --

Is this guy a #Mizzou fan? Sometimes it's so tough to tell which college team people support. --

Oh, wow. Is that 2011 playbook in the Dolphins office? (via ) --

Nailed it, . --

It's about damn time Chris Carpenter got a meme. --

CHLOE!!! Forward the box score to my PDA. Now, dammit!!!! --

It finally happened: St. Louis sports sold a casual holiday wish to a sponsor. --