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I'm on the Nerdist podcast. I love that video of Buzz Aldrin punching that moon landing denier in the face.

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I've been staring at this screen for 5 minutes. Netflix? Might as well be called Slowflix! Am I right?! Huh?! I mean Come on!?! Folks!

Marty Mcfly was a lot of things, but I don't recall him being late for dinner. What gives, movie poster?

I lew of the PS3 network problems I've fired this up.

The Cosby sweater is making a comeback. Spotted at target!

Wait a minute, you can't be at lunch you're a machine!!!!

Franks has the best mugs.

Well a double dumb-ass on you!

If you guys are tired of having orange dots on you this is the laptop stand for you!

This is what the broken corner of a kindle screen looks like.

look guys it's Señor Aboleto

Ghostbusters Bustin ghosts in OS X

Now I'm watching Carson, I finally get his Burbank Jokes.

"Sub Zero is now Plain Zero" actual one liner from Arnold.

Not only is he a photographer, but it seems he's also a douche.

This is Claus, he lives inside my iMac at work and makes it do things.

Today's soup at Barnes & Noble, no seriously.

Finally! For the professional Douche in your life!

I think Under Siege would have been better had it been called "Die Hard on a Battleship"

I don't know what Oscar Meyer is planning but I know i don't trust him...

I forget. Is this good luck or bad luck?