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I'm on the Nerdist podcast. I love that video of Buzz Aldrin punching that moon landing denier in the face.

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5th trip to CVS in 2 days to get a penicillin perscription filled. I don't know who Matthem is but I'm gonna take his pills

This sums up this sidewalk perfectly!

Starbucks Happy hour, half priced frappachino and double the annoying people.

Just picked up this sweet machine, who's down for a Duck Hunt tourney?

Sound check with and storm....

Sandler, James, Rock, Schnider and Spade on a waterslide is exactly how to make me NOT want to see a movie.

So at the gym, ontop of the chest press machine there was the July 1991 issue of Esquire... I shit you not

Listen up giant piece of plastic, I might not know HOW you got 8 stories in the air but I do know I'm IMPRESSED.

The "e" stands for "extremely forgetable"

If your gonna wear earplugs at starbucks to study, doesn't it make more sense not to go to starbucks to study.

If your gonna wear earplugs at starbucks to study, doesn't it malemore sense not to go to starbucks to study.

Hey Brendan Fraser what are you doin? "Oh you know just actin' whatever... See you can tell by how my shoulder is"

In the Romeo and Juliette booth at the HMS Bounty with and I know that cause there's a plaque

That's funny, I don't REMEMBER starting an HD production server

"And this is how you do boring things..."

Oh the nerdy things you will see! Master control and branding!

Watching and talk at NAB in Vegas PIC

I love that I get t look at a Doctor Who billboard while getting gas in LA.

If you type Awkward into google, Awkward Boners is the 1st result.

These jackasses are making me NOT want to give PBS money. Oh it's the Roy Orbison special in case you couldn't tell.