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I'm on the Nerdist podcast. I love that video of Buzz Aldrin punching that moon landing denier in the face.

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If this Safari dialogue box were honest, it would look like this....

The remnants of the Scott Pilgrim billboard at Hollywood and Franklin

RT : Does Doritos have a murder/suicide flavor?// yes, yes they do.

I hope this guy doesn't mind that we know that he has a guitar.

I can't help but agree with some of this bathroom wall.

Sweet new iPhone alert.

Perhaps my favorite Photoshoped image of all time. Obama and the TARDIS

Ok now Zombie fiction officially jumped the undead Octopuses garden in the shade

Did zombie fiction just jump an undead shark?

I found your back of head doppelgänger.

This woman is a jerk.

If you're so psychic, why can you predict that I'm just going to throw this out?

I always thought "Animal Action" was an automatic hard "R" rating.

Ok everyone now is the te to buy that necktie for your cat...

Don't worry. Target still carries 12 packs of blank VHS tapes.

Don't worry. Target still carries 12 packs od blank VHS tapes.

Seriously are they selling iPads or discomfort?

Sweet poster for Seabiscuit 2!