Canadian, Comedian, Damp sandwich, ointment, wooden baseball bat, bag of lettuce,Youtube guy and holding a fart in right now. #crew124. butt stuff PHD

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I entered to win an iMac at #vloggerfair booth!

I entered to win an iMac at #vloggerfair booth!

I tried to nonchalantly take a photo of it but this is all I got. He nailed it. Good pick up sir. Hats off to ya.

There's a pigeon about to poop at the bus station from the rafters

picked up some good reads you might want to check out

let's see you hearth to the dark portal

I wanted to take a photo to show you the escalator wasn't working then I realized I was an idiot

I would buy I don't know what to do with them or this

dear god.

Anybody play draw something 2?

taking a fat dump in your bathroom then I'm going to touch many things with out washing my hands

look what we found at 浦おp 足亜n sトレ

this anime is dubbed in comic sans

Could this be a shout out to #thegoodstuff

it's this. This is a ratchet.

I've been treating it like my baby :3 don't worry! Was there a lens cap for this lens I couldn't find one

So and I just put on grave encounters 2 and what is this !?

oh uh

you think I don't but I do more than you know