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Contributor on @foxsports1. NASCAR Pit Crew Coach & Manager. Part of some great teams wins & championships. Faith family & friends matter most.

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. reading from her newly released book “I Want God” here . Great stuff. Well do ya?

Hey this guy needs help! Hammer or clutch?

Thanks for the tools….from pit road to brick pavers you’ve got something for every job! #BuildOn

I see you workin … looking over my shoulder while I’m eating dinner #aftonpizza #gotgame

Project “Rat Quad” complete. Kid is a throwback.The more blacked out & ratty the better he likes it. #dadwrenchtime

Operation “blackout” complete…it’s the small things in life… green machine needs a new name.. #allsmiles

Got the old crew back together… twitterless Booty & Max on cam. #Teardown

Yep he loves racing wears the helmet during the broadcast wanted 4 cookies 2 candy bars & a glass of milk! #NASCAR

I dig chicks w/ bows !
Lettin’ em fly w/
(w/ intended image)

Friends got me this after their trip to the beach..made me think of #pitroadflex #sunsoutgunsout

Nice fish

Hey Chickamauga grows em big…you’d tear em up my man!

Hey Chickamauga grows em big…you’d tear em up my man!

Love this shot of doin’ work..MD put his heart into this piece!

. on point dude can play! on the com in production.. doin work!!

Didn’t take long…

Hangin in the Tiki Hut rain or shine #TStorm #bolts

Hangin w/ runnin the Stratos thru a few shakedown laps

Green light to tweet during church right ?! #SermonNotesOnly :) #myfamilyvacation