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Special Souvenir Issue of Penthouse magazine: "Kate Middleton Down Under"... #mightaswell

  • 160 days ago via site
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Sorry but when I see pics of Kate Middleton holding a baby, this is still all I can think of lol...

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James Middleton makes it so easy to mock him.. #boomf

  • 165 days ago via site
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Little known fact: newest photos of Will+Kate+George were actually taken at the house used in The Omen film.

  • 171 days ago via site
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(Queen) Elizabeth just before they filmed her Christmas message :D …

  • 264 days ago via site
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Cressida Bonas aged 9 or so vs. Kate Middleton aged 9 or so.. One final comparison before Christmas lol.

  • 267 days ago via site
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Apparently Kate Middleton is already preparing for her trip to Australia...

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"Please Ma'am, may I have some more nuts?" "NO." #Royals #QueenElizabeth #nuts

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"...It wasn't much fun growing up with her and her almost irrational social climbing.." -Lee Radziwill

  • 290 days ago via site
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Post from the future about Kate Middleton: "Mummy and I schemed for 15+ years and all I got was this lousy tiara."

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Kate Middleton "pays tribute to Princess Diana" by booking her hairdresser for Australian tour..

  • 327 days ago via site
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In other news: In place of the Queen a cabbage head hosted today's investiture ceremony.. #tradition

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Can't wait for the movie loosely based on the true story of Kate Middleton... #TheRing

  • 357 days ago via site
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Happy Birthday, RFM! Wishing you the most wonderful day :)))))

  • 366 days ago via site
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Kate Middleton and Mary Donaldson (aka the Duchess of Cambridge +Crown Princess Mary) remind me of this cartoon..

  • 389 days ago via site
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Thank you, Pegasus! I was beginning to worry I'd never complete my Kate Middleton as Virgin Mary triptych.

  • 401 days ago via site
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Carole, Kate [Middleton] and company are getting ready for the big move... Exciting times.

  • 414 days ago via site
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Carole Middleton really doesn't do herself any favours by posing for pics like this lol.. (pic from party pieces)

  • 415 days ago via site
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Carole Middleton today: "It's all coming back.." #Diana

  • 420 days ago via site
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Chinese company that makes fake baby bumps has reportedly begun using pic of Kate Middleton to sell their products

  • 422 days ago via site
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