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The Shocking Ingredients In Beer #RightToKnow #GMO #Health

McDonalds removes chemical ammonium hydroxide from hamburger recipe #RightToKnow

World's first Test-Tube Burger?!!! #RightToKnow #GMO

Preserve and Save the Earth~We can all Make a Difference.

#GMO Corn contains practically no nutrients but is loaded with Chemical Poisons #RightToKnow

BP sold Texas oil refinery after making hundreds of people sick #BoycottBP

Boy jumps over a barricade of burning garbage used to block a street, demanding a recount of the votes in Venezuela.

Whole Foods GMO labeling mandate doesn't kick in until 2018 #RightToKnow

Rufus the dog takes an interest in 'Cyberdog' by artist Finn Stone at the Art Fair #Skynet

Mother to be was amazed when an image of a human face appeared on her pregnancy bump.

Pentagon welcomes Chinese general who threatened nuclear strikes on hundreds of US cities

Proof of how the media is used to feed people false news to raise prices 79€ 20 years ago ~

LAPD illegally sold police guns, claims veteran officer

BP to Government: $21 Billion Fine is 'Excessive' #BoycottBP

KFC Employee Fired After Photo Of Her Licking Mashed Potatoes At Work Went Viral

Nestle now removes beef pasta meals in Italy and France after finding horsemeat

#IwishIcouldMeet the man behind the curtain.

Hackers Turn Burger King's Twitter Feed into a McDonald's Ad

A robot waiter brings dishes of food to customers at a robot restaurant in Harbin,China #letsdance #Skynet