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Let no man pull you low enough to hate him. Change doesn't roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. #MLKJ

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Only I could manage to get called out in a 300 plus person classroom at Texas A&M University. And I'm not even there.

Midnight yell:))

Motivation :)

but its so cute it was just asking me to pet it I mean come on look at that face

guys why we so cute

my FAce :)

Currently ripping everything I want/need out of an ultra mag. Expensive? No worries, I have a coupon >:)

Guys guys, I know you've all got personal problems but... CHECK OUT MY NAILS :D #Prostatus #Glitterfodays

Bitcchhhhh I done heard you the first five times, and seen you highlighted it on the "how too" paper.

Think about it.

Really though

One day I'm gonna get a boat and call it Maritime Mary. And this will be my Skipper Sarah. :)

Let no man.

#4 is my personal favorite #SoTrue

Mary Poppins

Just kidding Hahaha

Sarah working out in class!

Because theirs only so many fancy Fridays left for the class of 2013 #HellYesss

I'm not scared anymore. I mean, my nail polish is even named fearless.

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