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Got snacks? Worships the holy trinity. Spectrum, SNES & Amiga.

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Well I wasn't expecting to see this mush when I went to update my apps today!

I have seen the next evolution in clothes, the shoody.

The Americans really know how to do valentines gifts with style.

Totally just refilled my valentines pez with orange ones. Jealous?

Check out Mr bargain healthypants! Will go perfectly with the pie I'm having for dinner.

Cheap meal plus if you can't make it, FREE KARAOKE! #ohyeah

Oh yeah baby! Snack city!

And so the planting season begins!

Ill be honest, shes not happy about me being up so late. Shes been pretending not to be staring at me for hours.

it is by any standards though a lot of soup. All rice and lentils and chick peas too, filling.

This is my face walking to work almost two hours earlier than normal. It's not a happy face.

What's that? A tray full of cakes, at this time of the day, and I'm the only one in the office? If you say so.

I'm not happy about this though.

Gordon Ramsey can kiss my balls, there's a new chef in town.

I don't get it. Why wouldn't you just use the toothbrush that's already in your gob?

I'm assuming as horrible as the builder's breakfast flavour was bug I'll give it a go anyway.

I can't remember what it was but it sounds fun!

Living like savages. At this rate we will miss Larkrise To Candleford! #somiddleclass

Some say you shouldn't eat cake for breakfast. All we know is they are wrong.


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