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If you want to know why the EU is bad all you have to do is read this - Views are my own - 'Blocked by @Owenjones84 & @hopenothate

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Attack on #UKIP's in Margate had little to do with Animal rights, here are some of those protestors

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When will people start to fully realise that they are all in it together. It's Lab/Con/Lib Vs #UKIP now

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I little pic for all the followers of designed specifically for the amusement of #UKIP

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The most commonly used method to combat the common sense of #UKIP

  • 1040 days ago via site
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Look what I found on Google for all those whinging about #UKIP laying a wreath in Plymouth #Facepalm

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Vote #UKIP at every opportunity. The more votes they get the greater that change will be for the better.

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The change in Afghanistan from 1969 - 2013 is certainly something that should concern other countries

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Lab/Con/Lib all want Britain to become an EU state, #UKIP wants to keep Britain British, what do you want?

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Just another classic moment in the EU Parliament. #UKIP

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So now that are calling Islamophobic, he isn't, he is however Jihadaphobic & that is a sensible phobia

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See I do dress up sometimes

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If anything the Godfrey Bloom fiasco has shown us just how badly change is needed in British politics!

Vote #UKP

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This shows that 's sole purpose is to try and stop people voting for #UKIP
Don't be fooled by them!

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Found a great profile pic for

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This is what the #LeftyLogic brigade do whenever they start to lose the argument, which is quite a lot on Twitter

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Benefits pie chart 2011/12

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Oh look more evidence of telling lies, they say they have not blocked me #Facepalm

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Whilst getting it in the neck for defending Muslims this genius adds me to a list called Xenophobes

  • 1205 days ago via site
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Here are the MEP votes for the EU Budget, are you saying the info is wrong here then ?

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