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Sometimes and I have a twin-like synchronicity:


I'm sure that this UK Salary Calculator app for OS X is great, but that icon - really?!

I never get tired of Google Latitude's Location history feature. Here's me moving around Cannes on 30 March:

That's 10 times faster than me downstream. Time to go to BT with a pitchfork, methinks:

they're both made by Fuji TV. Look what else I saw on the Fuji TV stand:

At the Valentine Records 10th anniversary night. It's Shirokuma! #toamywithlove

Appears that's a negative on laptop charging at Gatwick. Tempted to play Angry Birds on a big screen instead:

The European Pirate Summit kicks off in a scrapyard of all venues. Let's just hope it doesn't rain. #eps11

well, ice cream covered in bacon powder is surprisingly tasty.

Hmm, reseting my iPad and it's been stuck on this screen for 20 minutes with no progress. Please don't be bricked.

Hey, New York Post, you still haven't sorted out this monstrous violation of the Web? Seriously?

Never seen an individual run a Promoted Accounts campaign before. Pricey way to buy followers, !

oh the contrast!

Tram derailed at Market Street, Manchester. I heard the crunch!

Still impressed by the Sky News iPad app when it comes to really exploring news stories.

Also, for some reason, I expected these icons to link to the App Store. They don't.

Interesting poll result in today's The Daily (based on results so far):