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Wow what happened with my ….

The shop has multiple errors even… me does boohoo

Looks like the webshop still has some issues. I'll order my super awesome #FirefoxOS powered Peak later.

Guys, say #iOSonRailsConf if you want to be on my slide for next weekend! Going to finish the workshop tomorrow!

Did someone forget to take out the QA comments in this ad? #BedanktHarrie!

I think wants me to find my Nexus answer in the void

Kickstarting #Jasmine testing, and luckily it doesn't suck to be me today. Except for that darned cold I caught.

After re-formatting the code Opera throws this at me first;

It worked 3 or 4 times, then after that… this happened, I reloaded again and all was fine again.

I got the results (Opera 12.10 OS X);

Yep, works like a charm now :) Awesome that you guys really listen to your users!

and no, this error is not just related to my phone

because I don't want to have the same responsive errors they do #smmaxgal

How does your mobile test-stack on your dev-machine look? Here's mine;

Does really expect to convince app devs with these sys reqs for just a simulator. They lost me! #toobad

The #octotrophy looks awesome! I need it now as a life achievement!!! Why isn't there a tournament in Europe?

Even though it doesn't need an actual test to know that it'll fail, here's the result.

#Google does the job just fine, 1-0 for #Google vs #Microsoft for my usecase today

I feel misinterpreted by #Bing #Maps, back to #Google!

no phoenixes, just a left facing worm