Curiosity Rover


NASA's latest mission to explore the surface of Mars. Roving the Red Planet since Aug. 5, 2012 (PDT) (Aug 6 UTC).

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First Contact: Preparing to investigate rock target "Jake," named in honor of engineer Jacob Matijevic

You bet! MRO is my eye in the sky. Here's a pic that shows early tracks:

Phobos takes a bite out of the sun: My week included taking pics of a Martian lunar transit. How 'bout you?

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Pizza pan? No, this 3-in (7.5-cm) disc is my soil sample observation tray. Thin crust w/regolith, anyone?

Four eyes. Six wheels. One Martian mosaic [pic]

These wheels were made for roving. Just completed a 100-ft (~30.5 meters) drive -- my longest yet [pic]

In tribute, I dedicate my landing spot on Mars to you, Ray Bradbury. Greetings from Bradbury Landing! [pic]

1st drive complete! This is how I roll: forward 3 meters, 90º turn, then back. Electric slide, anyone? [pic]

There are 70 lbs of science at the end of my arm! Includes a drill, scoop, brush camera & X-ray tool [pic]

This weekend, I'll have been on Mars 2 weeks. Hope you're enjoying my travel pics. Here's part of Mt Sharp:

My #MSL team is unimpressed that today's #AMA is over. So long & thx for all the karma!

Let's get ready to #Reddit! scientists & engineers (& social media team) ready for your Qs:

Pale blue bot? See the 1st color pic of me from orbit, courtesy

I <3 my whole #MSL team, but this pic from is good for some lolz:

Area 51? No, Quad 51 is where I landed on Mars. Here's a map of Gale crater. (PS - I come in peace) #MSL

Me & My Shadow... & Mount Sharp. My view of the 3-mile-high mountain in the middle of Mars' Gale crater #MSL

Eye in the Sky: MRO's camera caught this shot of me & my parachute during landing at Mars #MSL

Once more, without the clear dust cover. Here's the "fisheye" pic from my rear Hazcam #MSL

W00t! stopped by today. He seemed pretty happy to see my double. (The feeling's mutual.)

My new landing target in Mars' Gale Crater will almost halve the driving distance to Mt Sharp. See it now: