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If you can't be 1st, be ahead of whomever is 2nd!

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This is what I'll be doing after the game...

It's actually 90 proof! This joint is great!

What would do?

Parking attendant knocked out! Not the greatest pic, but she gone!

My tees are here! Bigups to the folks ...definitely bout to set my spizikes off the right way! (in my voice)

Bears, Bulls, Sox, Cubs, Fire, Flames WON'T be at this event! Hahahahaha! (lowkey a few will)

Comp Ciroc for memorial day. Giving you over a week's notice!

Get your minds's coming! Ciroc Boys in the bldg!

Met my 1st Columbian...#cocainecowboys

Bartender has happy hour POPPIN!

Come on maaaaan! I do them in 3's! I got ATL tonight! If y'all don't murder Chicago tonight it's a problem!

This dude just balanced 10 glasses & poured a drink from the top 1 Roth bottom!

Popped 2 bottles of rose for my dude Ronald bday...

things that make you go...hmmmmm...

yo...we gott go bowling soon, playing for fraternity bragging rights! 06!!!


My LB got his law degree...yeaaahhhhh!!! Can we say I have another pro bono lawyer! Congrats Tony!

This 1800 really does pour it's own shot!

Stay thirsty my friends!

I have so much respect for kickers, I just attempted a 10-yard field goal & didn't even get close.

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