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One man died for everyone, that puts us all in the same boat

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Brothers gift came in the mail. The world shall know me as #lord Mark Brazinski #legitlord

A birthday shirt only and would find my humor in

New t-shirt my PhD candidate brother have me from across the pond #screwoxford

My plankton colored cargos came in the mail #swagger

After two failed attempts, this Is all that was left in the budget eh, #vader

Second teared pair of pants in the new year. My butt was quiet hungry

Look at these, you probably get a free bowl of soup with them. #caddyshack

A one man band with a "Jesus loves you in the background" this is why I love #America. #emobenfranklin would be proud

Friday night dance party with a great friends

What is this? #mind #equals #blown

Winner of the ACES bowling tournament with What a wonderful event

#calfootball spends its time between getting #swole and ball. Btw the cheers and taunts it may be the loudest room ever

: It's your boy doing his broad jump #GoBears #proday

at his ultimate finest

and there it is

Beached whale in the locker room #GoBears #athletesintraining

Is the service that bad that people just pass out waiting for food? #LQL

Enjoy the snow RT : ohh hello snow. What a nice surprise.

This is what we learn in business school

One way to celebrate fat Tuesday. Good bye old friend for 40 more days #notinonesitting

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