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My new adopted dog...Remington!!!

Me and just started our Beeriod

Deer stew, dont mind if I do

Best show on ice

Don't mind if I Fucking do

Rock bottom

Lunchin on this Don Juan

don't even think about it

You're not gonna not drink a martini while at the elephant room

Just a little birthday Eve lunch

Just a great day killing doves while drinking cold beers

Mr. Bootylicious here was coming in way too hot with these breathing holes in the pants #idontthinkyoureready

my girl tried taking this off the wall at my crib, Told her #HOP that's not how you treat a hall-of-famer

Socks or no socks? #thatsfun

Mine's bigger

The move has been hardest on Guadalupe

Hotter than a mug outside

Still can't believe took it to the club like this on his last night in Austin

Fish enchiladas...shit I'll try it out

The new toilet paper