- Well rounded and focus. I do a little bit of everything, and I do a little bit of everything well. Life is a ride in 6th gear, 5th gear is so last summer.

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- First time coming to Champy's, let's see what all the fus is about.

- One more day of wrenching and she will be ready to crank. #TeamVVL.

- Sneak pic of the progress. #TeamVVL.

- At a pool party about to go IN! #BeJealous.

- Putting in the third monitor in place at my work station today. Got to much going on for two. #UpgradeTheUpgrade.

- Just a little progess of something coming out of my camp for the 2011 season. Lots more to go. Stay tuned.....;)

- New toy I'm about to add some upgrades to. Get yo popcorn and helmet ready. #Go.



- New toy! 2004 Honda Sporttrax 400ex

- Doing one of the things I do best. Eating the best entrees the area has to offer. Chicken Marsala sir? Yes please!

- Sushi after a killa workout? Yes please!

- More toys came in for the project car. #TeamNissan. #SR20VE.

#SR20 #NISSAN - My new favorite shirt. #Go.

- Probably my next watch. It's supa clean and it has a lot of #flare to it.

- On my way to Supercross in the ATL with a big caravan following us. Yahtzeeee! #Carrera

- New fossil watch next in line to pick up. Fossil really got their watch game in check.

- Coolest ring ever. What you all think?

#You'veGotMail - Just when they though the super bowl results were going to make me turn my back on my team, I went custom on'em! #SteelerForLife.

- The 'over night' order came in today. Got the black one on deck to. Now I just need to go some more paint brushes from LOWES and I'll be set. #BlackAndYellowReady

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