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Mew.. I tweet about chocolate, video games, and my love of coffee and sleeping. I try to be funny. Pls RT my shitty jokes

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here's a photo of my late cat Oreo in mid-yawn lol!

Taking photos of cats mid-meow is fun

It's 3:30am and I can see the bottom of my bowl! Time to scream in the mutherfuckin hallway! - Milo

*snickers* *bursts out in gut laughter* *dies on floor* #suikoden V

Yes. It's this chick again. #suikoden V

She's looking for something deep inside a hole.. O.o #Suikoden V

Milo is hugging me with his tail

One of Milo's whiskers fell out, so I put it on top of his head so he can be a unicorn.

Snoopy and Woodstock will be joining me for tonight's pajama party

Snowman boner of 2012

Scooter gots little whiskers <3

Milo is holding my hand! *squeeeeeee*

Stairs. They're not soft, and they will bruise your gentlemanly body. #SuikodenV



I smell u

Apparently she'll take a vroom vroom or a whrr.. Oh my. Mind in the gutter this whole time

I'm starting to think this girl wants a dink dink dink that goes whrrrrr. Maybe buzz too?

Make it cute-little-girl dink proof, professor

Dink-dink-dink until it goes BAM