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iPhone trainer @ BBC College of Journalism. I tweet about mojo, apps, socialmedia, BBC, news + Arsenal. My views, not BBC's. RTs = worth reading, not approval.

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it feels like a slippery slope - do you prefer a or b?

it feels like a slippery slope - do you prefer a or b?

Vertical video on the BBC 10 o'clock news :-(

can you explain this new setting in v58 re frame rate? Also, what's matching v selectable? Thanks.

Is the original Flappy Birds back? The App Store details show the same developer (mine sticks at this red bird :/ )

look what you're missing! Have you found Guinness yet there?!

Roadworks mean my road is closed at one end & "access only" to residents. Some drivers think it doesn't apply to them

sorry, not sure I'll be able to do that...I blame Leo

Sometimes, it's clear I follow too many accounts from the same organisation. cc

it's a re-print. These tweets give additional intriguing context:

too defeatist! YouTube aren't giving up easily: their Capture app won't let people record VV...

I had that same thing earlier today - I hate it. It's a recent unwelcome development.

Click on from & you get the attached, all to make you watch a video. Not cool.

oh well, worth a try. I got this as a birthday present might make it all academic anyway!

The missing Malaysian Airlines plane may have flown for another four hours, it now seems. A *huge* search area:

And still they come: five Flappy Bird-type games added to the App Store in the past hour alone:

Of all the App Store categories, News grew the most 2012-13, well ahead of health then social /via

"Internet" ≠ "world wide web". So many tweets are getting that wrong. Only the latter is 25 today. Spread the word.


lucky you to be there before the tourists all descend. The coastline north of Phuket will be all hotels soon