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I can't say I'm *glad* to be on a RyanAir flight, but at least I'm on it - after all the stress & delays at #Stansted

#Stansted has re-opened but unsurprisingly it's CHAOS as no has checked in for half an hour

fire alarm = terminal evacuated, apparently. Stuck at bottom of escalator unable to proceed:

how long do you think I can hold my breath in for?

Always a joy when a wifi service accepts any old rubbish in order to get online.

well I never. At least the trains are running again.

A useful app for camera crews or those in "production"? - to show lights' flicker rates

colleagues do podcasts - occasionally edging into mojo

colleagues do podcasts - occasionally edging into mojo

This is silly now. That 'potato salad' Kickstarter has raised $44k. There are copycats too:

. so have YOU?

Potentially useful app, now free: Monocolor Camera - give "colour splash" effect to video

Hello you.

Well done ; poor show : Lifehacker is right to use "better" not "best" when comparing two items

This image of planes leaving LAX is lovely. The Reddit thread of how it was made is great too

This image of planes leaving LA Airport. The Reddit thread of how

In one image: 12 apps & 3 pieces of kit to supercharge your iPhone for #mobilejournalism via

The calm before the storm: it'll soon be full of BBC staff getting a demo of #GoogleGlass, thanks to

at the rate our season is imploding, it'll be our turn soon. P.s. Leo says hi to you &

For an idea of how the screen appears in #GoogleGlass, it's as big in my vision as this TV is when I'm on my sofa: