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iPhone trainer @ BBC College of Journalism. I tweet about mojo, apps, socialmedia, BBC, news + Arsenal. My views, not BBC's. RTs = worth reading, not approval.

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in other news, a BBC Millbank reporter is v happy with the last of these "record phone call" apps.

No matter how many times I click "do not show this again", I get it every time!! Any thoughts?!

if you want to arm your cops, so be it. Just don't tell me that John Doe *needs* a Bushmaster.

Looks like the #Mayans will be proved right after all... /via on Facebook (I know...)

does this seem sensible?

Does this seem sensible?

Michelin* dinner in Budapest. Amazing food - texture, detail, colours. Slightly ruined by Xmas hits of Slade & Shakey.

no, I blame the person with the gun. What is America when THIS gun can be bought at Walmart?

Budapest central market is alive with sights & smells. And on the right, pigs' tails & not what we first feared o_O

cheers - I've got TVcatchUp, but that doesn't seem to work outside the UK, whereas FilmOnTv does

The range of UK tv channels on my iPhone via filmontv app is impressive (glossing over the legality of it...)

you can still access the full site on any browser: just click "desktop site"

did you have this setting on? Vast % of people a) wont have Skyfire and b) won't know about the setting!

that story re online is empty via "responsive design" on iPhone. Worth telling someone? #irony

The drummer looks young enough to be your son. Where's Shaun?!

What's with the silly hats? (pat's obscured, luckily for him)

Great clouds in north London right now. Expect to see lots of photos of the (imminent) sunset on Instagram shortly.

Interesting reply from a guy who does social media for Knowledge & Learning...

I scanned your QR on my HTC & got the intro page, but it wouldn't load beyond that (photo on a bus!)

I've had some success with #Overgram...