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iPhone trainer @ BBC College of Journalism. I tweet about mojo, apps, socialmedia, BBC, news + Arsenal. My views, not BBC's. RTs = worth reading, not approval.

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this put me off my lunch ;-)

Hey, , what made you think rebranding oranges as juggling balls was a good idea?

Apple's free app of the day...are you still playing it?!

snap (-ish)

the shame - my nephew in his onesie. To be fair, he was born in the US, but otherwise it's humiliating...

I gave my wife a Tetris light too - she loves it!

The inevitable consequence of Brie & #pacman egg-cups being on the same table... #Blinky

On this special morning, what better to see in my FB feed than this ad from William Hill, encouraging me to gamble...

snowballs are ace. This is the BEST advocaat ever - eat it with a spoon! Happy Xmas to you & Jess.

Trying to update (finally!) to #ios6 and three times I've had the same error message. Any thoughts? Thanks. #apple

I need to structure it better...

so did we, for the first time in *ages*. Let me know if you find anything good; so far, just this:

Good publicity for the Staggers at #eotws....

. It's quite 1984 that your screens can't be turned off. Also, it's not "compaines", & you need an apostrophe:

It's like Big Brother (no, not that one - 1984 type) being on a FirstGreatWestern train: TV screens you can't turn off.

Kaleidacam is FREE today only It turns the dull 1st photo into the 2nd:

Kaleidacam is FREE today only It turns the dull 1st photo into the 2nd:

#instagram clarified at 10pm policy re selling photos. has "unclarified" story. 10pm deadline?!

Was the #Instagram "Terms & Conditions" issue a big piece of PR? Yes, according to . h/t

It seems to work in most "westernised" countries: police are armed, people aren't. Hence this: