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iPhone trainer @ BBC College of Journalism. I tweet about mojo, apps, socialmedia, BBC, news + Arsenal. My views, not BBC's. RTs = worth reading, not approval.

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echoes of Paul Hogan's famous "that's not a knife" quote

echoes of Paul Hogan's famous "that's not a knife" quote

You know how benches are usually located where you get glorious views, which you can sit & enjoy? Not in #stanmore.

So even subs on don't know the difference between 'uninterested' & 'disinterested'. #sigh

BBC1 viewers can vote for goal of the #WorldCup on the BBC's website or via Twitter. But not Facebook.

How hard did search to find this photo of BBC D-G Tony Hall all mean & evil? He's usually very smiley!

. mobile coverage/speed test app gets big update (results vs similar app differ)

Not impressed with these wifi speeds: download is half of O2 on 4G while upload is only just over a tenth.

indeed it does

Great to do iPhone training yesterday. They all loved one app which enhances Twitter (with one drawback)

tonight's sunset from a plane coming into Stansted

. the earlier image was Google maps with traffic overlay. also very good:

The power of a decent traffic app: other cars are driving into a 90minute jam on the M11 southbound. I'm not. #win

Several replies to this tweet, yet none saying "FEWER! It's FEWER NOT LESS". Just me?

that may be the answer - the detail in the fabric!

another q ;-) No settings changed, so why would mb size of same length clip vary? Is it the content?

The Prismatic app does give you an option NOT to use social sign-up - how easily you can spot it? It took me ages!

Interesting BBC & RTE contrast: our weather ignores Ireland (as if it's not there) whereas RTE includes N. Ireland

The Peace Bridge over the River Foyle, in glorious late-afternoon summer sunshine. #nofilter

We're barely 1/3 of the way through global #smartphone adoption, as this chart by shows