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iPhone trainer @ BBC College of Journalism. I tweet about mojo, apps, socialmedia, BBC, news + Arsenal. My views, not BBC's. RTs = worth reading, not approval.

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**proof** from today. I follow you both, you’re on different lists, conversation in Timeline only.

the app is pretty new, so no guide on YouTube…

done - top idea, thanks for sharing it (inadvertently!)

I flagged up there’d be app deals on 4th July: top filming app #Videon now free. Loads of options “in post”:

I see your “2013 years old” and raise you this, from

One of the worst Twitter #fails came during the last mass protests in Egypt. today tweets more wisely:

Top work by to highlight tweet-thiefs. Maybe they don’t follow &made the tweet up themselves?


thanks…but I only see these options when I hit edit…or is this the wrong edit?!

Do you ever log in to an app or service via Facebook? An update to an app really pushes it as an option:

This translation of a tweet by Egypt’s President Morsi makes sense, until the very last word.

quite proud of my score, esp given my interests are also male-dominated

but in fact only go a very short distance. Handy if you’ve recorded lots of audio!

you should use these 0800-busting apps…

If #siri is too US-centric for you, try #Evi for a UK-focus. Spot on with “how old is Nicholas Parsons?”…

Not only is my FB feed full of ads, but they’re ads from copycat sites that con people into paying for free services

Commuters have found an extra reason to pick up this morning’s Metro newspaper ;-)

Commuters have found an extra reason to pick up this morning’s Metro newspaper ;-)

it’s by the French/Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely. Here’s another of his…

Some useful video/photo apps are free already, down from £1.50 or so, eg iLapse for making time-lapse videos: