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iPhone trainer @ BBC College of Journalism. I tweet about mojo, apps, socialmedia, BBC, news + Arsenal. My views, not BBC's. RTs = worth reading, not approval.

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If you tweet a gif via GifBoom, it adds both & #gifboom. Nasty. I couldn't find how to turn that off.

good to chat just now. I hope I can find you on Tuesday! Here's an example of what Type A app can do...

are you looking on an iPad? On my iPhone, it's showing it's free!

Very useful #ios app now free: Compress Video.same quality, half the MB. #mojo

This is why I don't follow or any of those leech-like accounts which pollute Twitter. ht

This chart shows the impact of mobile on Facebook. via

did you tweet that photo? I tried to send one to you, it didn't send...

oh it's BATMAN day. I've been under a weird misapprehension all this while...

did I not attach a photo?! Shows how tired I am! What's wrong with the other three?!

Great slide from - top apps for mobile journalism (ie being productive on mobile) Note dearth of Android.

Testing #twitpic...again.

A test photo, very much to be ignored

Can #Twitpic cope with a slo-mo video from an iPhone 5s? Let's see...

Can #Twitpic cope with a slo-mo video from an iPhone 5s? Let's see...

ha - good shout, thanks!

nothing happened! When I clicked "send" (at 3.27, after when it should have sent) I got a weird error:

still bemused. I only get this:

is this AudioCopy? How/where do you use it?

nice on PC but unusable on iPhone. That needs to be flagged up - or (better) make a mobile version.

A great example of why you should always check that everything fits when cross-posting from one site to another:

I know, I have it ;-) Any plans to make 25fps an option? That'd make it usable in UK/Europe.