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iPhone trainer @ BBC College of Journalism. I tweet about mojo, apps, socialmedia, BBC, news + Arsenal. My views, not BBC's. RTs = worth reading, not approval.

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It's not often I get something RTd 100s of times - and while it's not iPhone/mobile related, it corrected a falsehood

just realised why I didn't see any of the CWG...

forgot to add this screengrab. Not seeing or foursquare check-ins is great.

annotations on images. It's not something I've used often, tbh

ha - I was going to have a look, but...

Got a new app, but I can't even try it before I connect it to Facebook or give them my email address. Would *you*?

While on Facebook, I got an ad...for Facebook. But why do that? I was using it already, at that very moment. Weird.

Huge grammatical error in House Of Cards. Ironically, about education. (You probably all spotted it 18 months ago)

not *everyone* behaves badly on twitter...

This photo by of the pitch at Arsenal's ground is beautiful; let's hope the football matches it.

Damn. Spent three hours & 85% of my iPad's battery doing a time-lapse of a sunset...only to find tilt-shift = blurry

given the results of this search, I'll say "no"!

just my luck: using an obscure iPhone 5s to access the , I can't watch that video...

I'd trust you/your photos implicitly; but zoom into the one & I have doubts:

more like "dash of colour" type app - all grey except patches. Right for to do with this subject?

that's what it looks like to me. A bit too "artistic licence" for to use for war?

Are these photos over-processed? Both are very grey, yet colours stand out. Necessary?

Are these photos over-processed? Both are very grey, yet colours stand out. Necessary?

not just "media in-crowd"; YouTube's app Capture won't record if held vertically

16 work well on an iPhone, the rest haven't twigged it's 2014 yet. (Yes, I checked them all)