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JM has drawn first Blood C! ;) Coming to DVD & Blu-ray on 10th June. Pre-order at ^JG #BloodC

The wait is nearly over as this coming Monday (20th May) #HellsingUltimate Vol.5-8 Collection arrives! ^JG

Here's our exclusive #HighSchoolOfTheDead Drifters Of The Dead OVA DVD! Price: £5 ^JG [Pic is likely NSFW.]

Here's what the finished version of our upcoming #HighSchoolOfTheDead Drifters of The Dead edition looks like. ^JG

#Supernatural: The #Anime Series comes to DVD on 27th May. Pre-order yours today at RT

The confirmed artwork for #OnePiece Collection 1 (coming to DVD on 27th May.) Pre-order: ^JG

#HellsingUltimate fans, here's the official artwork for our Vol. 5-8 Collection. (On DVD/Blu-ray on 20th May!) ^JG

27 days until #OnePiece is here! Pre-order yours at | Trailer: ^JG

#BlackRockShooter has arrived at Manga HQ! Coming to DVD on 13th May. Pre-order yours at ^JG

The artwork for our MCM Comic Con Exclusive "Highschool Of The Dead: Drifters Of The Dead OVA" individual DVD ^JG

Check it out, #DragonballZ Season 7 has arrived at Manga HQ! Pre-order yours today at ^JG

Righty, here's the third clue. ^JG #GuessTheAnime

Here's the second clue for this edition of #GuessTheAnime. Do you know what it is? ^JG

And here's the first clue for this round of #GuessTheAnime. Do you know what anime it is? ^JG

And there was me thinking that a picture of cars on a bridge might fool some of you.) #GuessTheAnime clue 2. ^JG

#GuessTheAnime clue 1. (Do you know what series this pic is taken from?) ^JG

Check it out, HMV have both Nura - Rise Of The Yokai Clan (Season 1, Pt 1) and Okami-san & Her Seven Companions! ^JG

Who's up another quick game of guess the series we're watching? How many of you know what this is? ^JG

Most of you have got it right, but those of you still aren't sure, see if this pic helps. ^JG

…Some of you got it right, others not. See if this next picture clue helps at all? ^JG