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I pass as a Peterbilt outlet on my commute everyday. Some of you know why I crack a goofy grin.


So.... remember that one time? When I, uh, ordered Thor twice?

Dat face.

Dat face.

Dat face.

Someone is sleeeeeeping:


Gonna puke. Bowl #2:

Uhhh. I think I made a mistake and ordered Thor twice?

Well, at least he like it:

Leftover #Auburn Snuggie now dog toy:

30 minutes out!

This is about to be transformed from comic book nerd to football nerd:

If there is a benevolent World Tree, I beg of thee: send us a Wolverine costume too.

"Get off the Internet, bitch."

The only reason I revisited this title is b/c indicated that there was a shadowy figure in a cowl: #amystery

The world hates me today:

OTOH, the dog *really* doesn't want me to read the Super Dictionary:

I am debating taking it slow and doing one word a day which, naturally, I would share with y'all: