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Don't get fan-boyish that often. Did when I met the Ghost in the Shell himself, Mamoru Oshii!

Me & my mate doing the sites in London about 24 years ago. Yup. I was a nutty boy.

Well... Back to work!

Writing break! Girlfriend made lunch. Feel very spoiled. :)

Went to party store. Saw James Cameron advertising party goods. Was quite surprised, to be honest!

IKEA'S new dieting machine. Believe it's called the "PEWKA"

IKEA. First port of call when set dressing a low budget SF film. What could THIS be?

A while till the flight... Reenacting Zack Snyders 300 with cocktail spears.

Attention children: Cocktail spears! Perfect size for a Playmobile armoury. Carry on.

Anyone happen to know what this says?

Best thing I saw at 8-bit art show. Billy Mitchell taking down Kong!

Same letter to China in original English version. (just in case anything was changed.)

thought you of all people would appreciate this. Murdoch & Breivik sharing a cab?

Is it just me, or does this make it look like Murdoch & Breivik shared a cab?

I can still be seen... Obviously we don't have enough stuff yet!

2$ Lady heaven:

Sky news already beat you to it, fellah...

Something like this... Captain American Psycho -

So got to the front and he signed it...